A life-changing journey to Mulanje Mountain

One of the older Smile Malawi boys, George Mbawa, describes his personal experience on the World Challenge trek with the Vandyke students…

Mulanje Mountain is one of the beautiful places in Malawi. There we saw many things which exist a long time ago such as Dziwe Lankhalamba water fall and pool, where some of us swam.

After arriving at our second hut, we went to a certain place called Elephant Sunset on the top of the mountain where we could see the sun like dipping under the earth. On Wednesday we went to the last hut, then we went to Namasile Peak which takes us two and half hours to reach the top which is about 3,000m above the sea level. On 31st July was the day for us all to come back to Smile Malawi. The other happiest thing was that 1st August was the birthday for Georgia, one of the visitors, so we had a birthday party for her.