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October Newsletter 2017

It's been another busy time in Malawi at the start of the new school year and 4 of our children have gone on to secondary schools. 

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May Newsletter 2017

"4 year old Faith came to us in October last year but was very shy and rarely smiled. A few months with us and look at her now! "

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January Newsletter 2017

"The first screening of the documentary film about Smile Malawi took place in California on 9th December at Chapman University's Folino Theatre. "

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October Newsletter 2016

Our Smile Malawi family has grown again! We now have 43 children in our care - including 7 year old Deborah, pictured above.

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Keeping their smiles...

"Yesterday was an unforgettable day for Smile Malawi children because we had a trip to Liwonde National Park. We went on a bus and sang, danced and laughed all the way there. "

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She's the special one!

We would usually only write to update you on the children's progress and the Smile Malawi home. However, something unusual has happened that we wanted to share with you. 

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